What my clients have to say

  • I have had problems with my shoulder and back for a number of years, visiting Chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and physiotherapists, some of whom gave temporary relief. Charlotte has the most amazing ability to know exactly what is wrong and where she needs to treat. My body feels strong again with only the occasional problem...and that is usually because I have overdone things. Thank you. Valerie
  • I had numb fingers every night for four years and neck pain most days. With regular treatment from Charlotte I am now free from pain and no longer have numb fingers... amazing! I still have treatment just to keep things healthy. Worth every penny! Thank you. Harriet
  • Charlotte at CCT Sports came out to join us for the Summer and Winter circuit in the States. Charlotte was easy to communicate with and explained every step of her work. She worked with my Show jumpers, hunters and daughters pony. Charlotte was punctual and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. She adapted well within the circuit and worked above and beyond her allocated time and job role. Charlotte has been a pleasure to have around, we are very sorry to see her go home to the UK but hoping she will return to every Summer and or Winter!
  • I have a hereditary problem with my back and also have issues with an old injury in my neck. I'm very active and when my injuries started to become a problem, it really got me down. Before I started going to CCTsports, I couldn't do any sports with out the injuries being aggravated and its also stopped me doing basic things like housework. I've been doing to CCTsports now for 2 years and I can do all the things I love..... including the housework.... and along with some exercises have never felt better. Thank you.